The Best Resort for Early Season Skiing?

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Which is the best resort for early season skiing?

Despite the fact that November and early December rarely match the snowfall of the prime skiing months of January to March, it can be a fantastic time to go on a skiing or snowboarding. However, it is critical to settle on as snow sure a resort as possible if you want to enjoy the mountains well before Christmas.

In Europe, early season generally refers to the week before Christmas, but out in Canada we are well on our way by then – Early season to us is November.

At ALLTRACKS, it is important to us to be able to run our ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses for as long as possible and Whistler has proved to be the ideal destination given it’s extremely long season. Generally, the Whistler ski season is from mid-November to the very end of May each season which gives it one of the longest operating seasons in the world.

Of course, we cannot guarantee great snow at any time of year, including November, but by running our training camps in Whistler, the odds are stacked in our favour. We did have a slow start t0 the 2014 winter and to be honest, it remained poor for the majority of the winter, but even then there was plenty of terrain with solid coverage, even if we were not able to enjoy the deep snow we’ve come to love.

The Whistler Blackcomb resort website: helpfully provides the exact monthly snowfall figures for the last 15 years. As you will see, the numbers for November and December are pretty BIG, especially when you consider most European resorts get less than this in an entire season.

Here is the monthly breakdown for November and December for the last 10 winters.

  • 2015/16 Nov 168CM & Dec 338CM
  • 2014/14 Nov 133CM & Dec 166CM
  • 2013/14 Nov 112CM & Dec 74CM
  • 2012/13 Nov 217CM & Dec 343CM
  • 2011/12 Nov 312CM & Dec 137CM
  • 2010/11 Nov 266CM & Dec 363CM
  • 2009/10 Nov 560CM & Dec 148CM
  • 2008/09 Nov 150CM & Dec 169CM
  • 2007/08 Nov 162CM & Dec 260CM
  • 2006/07 Nov 416CM & Dec 275CM


Here’s a photo of Whistler taken on 10 October 2016. Not bad for early October. What’s more, it snowed 75CM last weekend.

Lastly, even in winters where early season snowfall is less than stellar, Whistler’s vast area means that you are virtually guaranteed expansive skiing even in years where there is not bottomless powder.

We are now full for early season 2016/17 but plan ahead for November 2o18 and we hope you can join us then. By booking early, you’re guaranteed this year’s price. Questions? Get in touch with the team and we can talk you through the options available.
Happy Skiing!


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