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Lesson 3 – How to Ski Moguls

Here is the latest video from Head Coach, Guy Hetherington, on How to Ski Moguls. Part 3 of the ALLTRACKS Mogul Series – Line Choice.

If you want to hone your mogul skiing through the most challenging of terrain, check out the video here – I hope it helps!

Video transcript

Guy Hetherington>> Guy Hetherington back for ALLTRACKS Academy closing in on step 3 of our bump skiing series. Today, we’ll be looking at line choice. Let’s get straight into it.

Since we are now able to look for the correct place to finish our turns, the next step is figuring out how to get there. Even if our final destination is the same, our chosen may vary depending on our ability or desired outcome. Let’s take a look at a few different options on the same set of bumps.

Here we have a typical run of medium sized moguls with clearly visible landing points. When I look at their shape and size, three possible line options immediately come to mind.

Option 1 is the inside wall line. This line offers the best for gradual speed control as it allows the skier to slip down the side of each mogul, shedding speed along the way. I will often introduce this line to skiers int he early stages of learning. If you are new to bump skiing, this may be your best option.

Option 2 is the centre rut line. This is a common choice for advanced skiers as it offers the path of least resistance on any given run. Of course, with lower resistance comes higher speed so if you are comfortable with the inside wall line and searching for a little more speed, the chances are that you are ready for the rut line.

Option 3 is the outside bank line. The beauty of the bank line is that the wide approach angle allows for really soft landing. This will make a bump run appear smooth and graceful which is why, when given the option, it is always my line of choice.

Lets take a look at a comparison of each of these lines when skiing over the same bumps.

So there it is! Take some time to practice skiing some different lines through the moguls. Once you’ve mastered these three options, you’ll be skiing with much greater versatility and control.

This has been Guy Hetherington of ALLTRACKS Academy coming to you with more online ski training



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